Cabbage Tree Nursery- Stock List

Product Range: The wide range of plants at Cabbage Tree Nursery include natives, exotics, rainforest plants, accent plants, hedging and border plants, ground covers, specimen trees and semi-mature trees.  Specializing in the more unusual and hard to get lines such as Helmholtzia, Justicia, Brugmansia, Hymenocallis, Bauhinia, Arthropodium and Uncinia.  Cabbage Tree Nursery also grows a wide range of Gingers suitable for the Sydney climate as well as many grasses including Lomandra Tanika, Lomandra fluviatilis, Carex buchanii and Carex testacae. Cabbage Tree Nursery is also a registered grower of the Ozbreed range of plants including Dianella Breeze, D. Tas Red, D. Little Jess, D. Little Rev, D. Cassa Blue and more.

Composition and Manufacture: Sizes range from 75mm tubestock through to 200 litre specimen trees.